Request for Qualifications

Request for Qualifications to School Districts

Keeping the Pests Out: The Economics of Integrated Pest Management in Schools

A project of Health Resources in Action, funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention


BACKGROUND: Health Resources in Action (HRiA) is seeking applications from school districts across the country to participate in an economic assessment of the implementation of integrated pest management (IPM) programs. We will select three school districts that are diverse in terms of size, setting and location; our plan is to include one rural, suburban and urban district. “Keeping the Pests Out” is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and will inform school pest management policy nationwide. In order to be eligible, school districts need to have transitioned from a “traditional exterminator model” (pre-IPM) to a rigorous IPM program. Applicants will be required to share cost related records from at least two consecutive years of a traditional exterminator model and two years of a rigorous IPM program.

WHY APPLY – Benefits of participation:

  • The economic assessment is provided free to the selected school districts.
  • Each of the selected three school districts will be compensated $9000 for their participation over the project period.
  • Districts will receive a detailed cost analysis for their selected schools on pre-post IPM implementation. HRiA will conduct the analysis on two-four schools per district.
  • Districts will receive national visibility (if they so choose). Case studies will inform school pest management policy nationwide. Districts may request that their case study be anonymous, or may choose to be identified for their participation in this EPA-funded project. We anticipate that project results will be broadly disseminated. This will potentially include publication in peer reviewed journals, webinars and case studies posted on numerous websites.
  • The evaluation may help to identify best practices for IPM implementation, enhancements/ improvements and/or cost savings measures. This may benefit selected districts when updating or improving bid specifications for IPM contractors.

PROJECT PURPOSE: The ultimate goal of Keeping the Pests Out: The Economics of  IPM in Schools (hereinafter the Project) is to encourage the adoption of IPM in school districts across the country through informed expectations and decision making about its economic impact and outcomes. HRiA’s analysis will focus on the economics of three selected school districts (two to four schools per district) transitioning from a traditional exterminator model to a rigorous IPM program. The approach will provide a systematic and objective framework for understanding the economic impacts of IPM implementation, including increases and decreases in quantifiable direct and indirect costs.  Each of the school districts will be compared to themselves.

HRiA held an informational webinar on April 20th at 2pm EST. [slides]

Submit applications on-line or by e-mail.


  • Applications will be reviewed by a national committee.
  • Selected semi-finalists will be requested to provide further written information with more details about their schools district.
  • Semi-finalists will be asked to participate in a phone interview/discussion.


Questions: please send any questions regarding the RFQ to Carissa Sera-Josef – or 617-391-9469. Questions need to be submitted by end of day Friday, April 22nd and frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) will be answered and posted April 27th on




Any school district in the United States that has adopted and implemented an IPM program, with an external IPM contractor, and can provide required records is eligible to apply.


The project will take place from November 2016 – August 2018.

Criteria for School Districts

A panel of reviewers will evaluate school districts’ responses based on the following criteria:

  • Letters of Commitment from Superintendent and Director of Facilities.
  • Evidence of an existing district and/or school level IPM Coordinator(s) who will serve as a primary point of contact, and have the capacity to provide the necessary data.
  • Contract with a licensed IPM company – copy of contract submitted.
  • Evidence that the district’s IPM program is in compliance with the respective state/tribal pesticide and IPM regulations.
  • Adopted and implemented IPM.
  • Availability of records for at least 24 consecutive months of a traditional exterminator model, and at least 24 consecutive months of IPM model. Required records for both pre-post is at the school level and will include, at a minimum: pest management contractor invoices, work orders, IPM logs (pest sightings), IPM work plan, IPM contract reports, IPM materials (if purchased by the district), custodian annual cost per square foot, training cost for staff training on IPM, custodian overtime (for addressing pests if they are doing additional IPM work), energy cost, Average Daily Attendance/Average Daily Membership and annual Occupational Safety and Health Act reports. We may also collect stories from school personnel regarding changes in pest problems in the schools. Since some of these records may be held by the pest contractor, we assume that each school with request the specific data elements directly.
  • Preference will be given to districts that have a system for recording absences and urgent visits due to asthma to the school nurse, school based health center, or other school personnel responsible for addressing children’s health needs in the absence of a nurse.



Selected semi-finalists will be requested to submit additional written information and will be interviewed by phone. The interview will be conducted with at least the district IPM Coordinator or the Facilities Management department.

Awardees Notified: Fall 2016

HRiA will travel to the district up to two times during the project period for in-person meetings and school site visits. Participation and cooperation in planning these visits is required.  These visits will likely be two to three days each.

You are not able to save your answers. To help you prepare all of your answers/materials please download the PDF [RFQ for School Districts for IPM Economic Evaluation] of the application. Please use the form below or this link.



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