Our Work

In working to achieve our mission, ARC’s work is diverse and multifaceted. For example, we promote specific policy targets and best practices by engaging in research, producing white papers, sponsoring symposia, and disseminating information. ARC also provides technical assistance, strategic planning, and training to governmental and non-governmental partners.  See below for a list of our available services and competencies.

Since 2012, ARC has convened the New England Asthma Innovations Collaborative (NEAIC), a 3-year grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. The Collaborative includes partners in the clinical, workforce development, and insurance sectors; together, NEAIC is demonstrating the value in asthma home visiting services, showcasing community health workers as a competent and effective workforce, and creating a sustainable system of funding for the implementation of asthma home visiting programs.

ARC’s Healthy Homes Promotion Project is advancing an integrated and broad-based healthy homes agenda in the region.

ARC convenes the State Asthma Program Managers from all six New England states ten times per year to discuss successes, challenges, strategies to overcome challenges, and opportunities for collaboration.

ARC has produced business cases, checklists, and various other publications.

ARC holds an annual meeting, sponsors or co-sponsors other meetings throughout the region, and hosts webinars several times per year. Additionally, ARC occasionally presents during affiliated webinars and conferences. See Meetings, Conferences, and Webinars for more details.

Strategic Plan

ARC’s work is guided by our strategic plan, the New England Asthma Action Plan.  This plan was updated in 2007 to reflect emerging needs, opportunities, and research.  Click here to see the plan in its entirety.

In this updated strategic plan, we have prioritized four action areas to guide the work of ARC and its collaborators:

  1. Promote Best Practices and Policies which Foster Excellence in Environmental and Clinical Asthma Management
  2. Promote an Integrated and Broad-based Healthy Homes Agenda
  3. Increase Access to, as well as Analysis and Application of, High-quality Health Data
  4. Support Improvement of Indoor and Ambient Air Quality

Services available

Regional convening and partnership development

Research and data gathering

Implementation, guidance, and technical assistance



Healthy indoor environments

Asthma prevention and management

Community development

Paying for prevention

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The Asthma Regional Council of New England is a program of Health Resources in Action (HRiA).  Click here to learn more about the services available from the Policy and Practice Department at HRiA.