Healthy Homes Promotion Project (H2P2)

The broad goal of H2P2 is to promote health and safety of New England residents by increasing: a) availability of green, healthier, affordable housing; and b) eliminating exposures to home-based environmental toxins through the promotion of evidence-based policy and practice, and improved program coordination. There is particular emphasis on low-income populations and communities with disproportionate health risks.

H2P2 helps to inform and support regional, statewide, and local efforts to advance a comprehensive, yet targeted, Healthy Homes agenda. H2P2 project components include providing: a) educational programs; b) technical assistance for healthy homes implementation and policy development; c) strategic planning services for governmental and community programs that wish to integrate siloed programs related to healthy homes; d) community empowerment and mobilization; and e) promoting health payer financing of environmental interventions in the home. The purpose of this comprehensive approach is to enhance the region’s readiness and capability to implement a comprehensive health and green housing effort.  See our initial assessment, Healthy Homes Needs and Resource Assessment Report — New England.

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