Building, Maintenance & Renovation

The following guidance documents and resources will help you learn about green building materials, green building practices and responsible renovation practices.

Building and Renovation

READ THIS Before you Design, Build or Renovate (ARC 2006)

Healthy Homes Building Guidance (ARC 2008)

Choosing Flooring for Affordable Housing: Healthier and Cost Effective Options (ARC 2003)

The Green Building Resource Guide The Green Building Resource Guide is a database of over 600 green building materials and products selected specifically for their usefulness to the design and building professions, rather than merely their green material content.

A Guide to Massachusetts Green Building Retailers

Renovate Right (EPA’s Contractor Rule for Lead Safe Work Practices)

Maintenance and Hazard Prevention Guidance

The best way to avoid many of the unintended health effects related to housing is to prevent the underlying conditions that lead to those health outcomes, such as excess moisture, structural damage, poor sanitation, poor ventilation, and poor maintenance. Our guides and resources below will help you maintain the building structure and indoor and outdoor environments in a manner that proactive and preventative.

ARC’s Property Maintenance Guide (2006)


Center for Disease Control’s Tips by Room